Drag n’ drop in Chromium for Mac

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Since Mac Chromium (29991) which was released on 23rd October 2009 it is possible to drag n’ drop urls into the Bookmarks Bar.

The feature is not yet available in the latest Google Chrome for Macintosh, which is

p.s. Yes, I downloaded and tried out every build of that day to identify the exact one which has the feature enabled.

080214_worm (CNET strikes again)

Pubblicato il: 30/10/2009 — Tematiche: Apple,appunti,english,immagini

080214_wormCNET’s at it again.

They resurrected this image from many years ago: www.flickr.com/photos/nda/37361709/in/set-465146/. It features the old LC/Performa/Quadra 630 (a Macintosh, nonetheless!) to illustrate a news item about a Facebook Trojan on its’ Webware website.

On Flickr I collected a whole set of similar illustrations, called “Macs@CNET”, all featuring Apple computers. See www.flickr.com/photos/nda/sets/465146/

Mac Chromium (29381) – An update (with notes)

Pubblicato il: 18/10/2009 — Tematiche: Apple,chromium,english,immagini

Mac Chromium (29381) - update

If the picture doesn’t show or the notes are not present please see the original on Flickr.

Mac Chrome (with notes)

Pubblicato il: 29/09/2009 — Tematiche: Apple,chromium,del.icio.us,english,immagini

Mac Chrome

If the picture doesn’t show or the notes are not present please see the original on Flickr.

“ERROR: /b/slave/chromium-rel-mac/build/src/ […]

Pubblicato il: 28/09/2009 — Tematiche: Apple,chromium,english

“ERROR: /b/slave/chromium-rel-mac/build/src/chrome/browser/browser.cc(1009)]
Not implemented reached in void Browser::Print()”

Meaning that in Chromium (27360) on Macintosh you still can’t print anything. :(

Beware the coming of… Classilla!

Pubblicato il: 16/09/2009 — Tematiche: Apple,english,humor,immagini

I finally managed to download and try a bit a copy of Classilla on a Powerbook G3.

Not only it’s a free, open source browser aimed at making (again) the world wide web a bit more usable for Mac OS 9 (and Mac OS 8.6) Macs but it’s also a project with a strong sense of humor as you can see from this screenshot.

Yes, the alt tag says it does not bite, much (ouch)

In the future I plan to keep using it and will try to report. In the meanwhile, what can I say other than.. welcome on my hard disk, Classilla! :)

bookmark_editor_controller.mm Not implemented reached in void

Pubblicato il: 11/09/2009 — Tematiche: Apple,bookmarking,chromium,english

Here’s an error from the Chromium for Mac build (25971) (when launched in the Terminal, with the —enable-sync flag which still has no effect, by the way):

“[556:267:4696610131638:ERROR:/b/slave/chromium-rel-mac/build/src/chrome/browser/cocoa/bookmark_editor_controller.mm(77)] Not implemented reached in void -[BookmarkEditorController awakeFromNib](BookmarkEditorController*, objc_selector*)”

Which by the way contradicts what MG Siegler of TechCrunch wrongly stated at the end of http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/08/31/builds-of-chrome-get-updated-to-show-off-their-snow-leopard-spots/ about the bookmark manager being available on Macs.

No such thing here, yet.

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