"I was, like–uh?"

Pubblicato il: 29/07/2004 — Tematiche: Apple,english,informatica,Linux,personaggi,video

From page 17 of the manual of the Italian version of the Linspire 4.5 operating system (formerly known as LindowsOS):

Ellen Feiss

If you're not into Apple Macintoshes and techie/geek/Internet folklore, that's a frame taken from one of the Apple “Switch” ad movies, probably the most famous, starring the perplexed and rumored-to-be-drugged Miss Ellen Feiss, who has become pretty much a phenomenon and got her own share of popularity.

As to what is she doing in a manual showing the video capabilities of a commercial GNU/Linux distribution, well, you'll have to make up your own mind about that…

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