Five things Delicious could (and should) fix

Pubblicato il: 19/10/2009 — Tematiche: bookmarking,,english,informazioni,segnalazioni,Web 2.0

I appreciate and use a lot the social bookmarking features of Delicious but there are some issues which detract from the otherwise great experience of the site.

So here’s a list of pleas suggestions for the Delicious team about some things they could (and should) fix in the next version/revision.

  1. When you click on the “save” button to add a bookmark to your account, Delicious could (and should) also copy the valuable “Notes” field (i.e. the description)
  2. In the same way it could (and should) also copy the tags. In the meantime there’s a nice javascript bookmarklet that does it also adds a via:username tag
  3. Delicious send - Twitter @Disable the global “send” (i.e. sharing) of all bookmarks on Twitter and make it only a per item option.
  4. Also: when sharing on Twitter Delicious could (and should) add automatically the title of the bookmark since the url shared on twitter show up as just a “mistery meat” with no clue about the content and destination.
  5. In the Network list it would be nice if the apostrophes wouldn’t show up as Html entities

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