How to use Delicious with Google Chrome (or Chromium) on a Mac

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Right now the Mac edition of the Chrome browser unfortunately doesn’t allow its users to add bookmarklets nor to modify existing bookmarks.

This means that it is impossible to install the Delicious bookmarklets that make so fast and easy adding bookmarks and using the service’s features.

However, there is a workaround: by modifying the file in which Google’s browser saves its bookmarks you can get a Delicious-enabled Chrome (or Chromium).

Here’s a proof:

Chrome Delicious hack

DISCLAIMER: what follows is an experimental solution, meant for advanced users who are aware of the risks. The author claims no responsibility whatsoever for the following content, which is provided as-is, and which can potentially damage your software and your data.

Here’s how you can do it.


-) An account on

-) A Macintosh with an Intel processor

-) An installed copy of Google Chrome for Mac
or Chromium for Mac

The How-to:

1) If running, quit your copy of Google Chrome or Chromium

2) Download this file:

3) Rename it Bookmarks (with a capital B and no extension)

4) Go to
~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/
(if you are using Google Chrome)
or to
~/Library/Application Support/Chromium
(if you are using Chromium)

5) Take out and/or replace the Bookmarks file which is in this directory with the download one

6) Launch Google Chrome o Chromium

7) Verify if the Bookmarks menu lists ” -> Delicious ” and ” my Delicious bookmarks ”

8) Login on

9) Send me some feedback if the two links work ;-)

Ecco i commenti

  1. awesome thanks!

    Commento di greg — 10 December 2009 alle 8:13 pm
  2. You’re welcome.
    Unfortunately, until Google make a Bookmark Manager this is still the only way to remove or modify some nested bookmarks in Chrome for Mac.


    Commento di nda — 10 December 2009 alle 11:28 pm
  3. It works perfectly, thank you.
    (running Chrome on Mac OS X 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo)

    Commento di Rahi — 20 January 2010 alle 12:05 pm
  4. I’m happy for that, but please notice that since early January 2010 Chromium and then the Chrome dev channel now finally have a Bookmark Manager (almost) as on Windows and Linux.

    For further info and updates see my web page on
    “The evolution of Chrome/Chromium on Macintosh”


    Commento di nda — 20 January 2010 alle 1:09 pm

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