Minefield and the extensions mess

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I just tried out Minefield.
Or at least tried to.

Minefield claims to be a more well-behaved version of Firefox for the Mac OS, which is a welcome proposition and could happen to be the missing link between Firefox and Camino, combining the best of both applications.
Unfortunately I didn’t get to actually try Minefield “on the road” but got stopped once again by the infuriating “I don’t like the extension you’ve meticulously and painstakingly selected and installed, so I’ve disabled them” behaviour.

Sure, on the support page they do state this, in a plain manner of fact way, under the “Known Issues” section stating that “Extensions installed under previous versions of Firefox may be incompatible with Minefield.” but user-wise this is frankly very frustrating, moreso from a project that purposes to steal market share from Internet Explorer by addressing the needs of common users and giving them more. More, not less.

Hence this is what I wrote as rant feedback on the Minefield page

Summary: Extensions brouhaha
Detailed comments: Frankly, the whole extensions thing is on the verge of being ridiculous. Every time I upgrade Firefox or try a different version my extensions are disabled and labelled as not compatible and the program always fails to search for a newer compatible version. It would be very welcome if Minefield, or Firefox could stop to this frustrating behaviour and somehow really help in checking/finding and more importantly restoring the extensions which for Macintosh users are the main reason to stay with the clumsy and UI-challenged Firefox instead of usign Camino.

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