There’s no such thing as too many tags

Pubblicato il: 21/07/2009 — Tematiche: bookmarking,english

In the Rule Torrent of Wired’s “How to Behave/ New Rules for Highly Evolved Humans” I noticed this line:

Tag Flickr photos freely—there’s no such thing as too many tags

On the same note here’s Joshua Shachter in 2006 speaking of tags on Delicious:

[…] letting people use their own tags–instead of choosing them from a menu he provided–would make more likely to be genuinely useful. Each person who uses is effectively coming up with an idiosyncratic system for classifying the Web: an article about, say, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban might be tagged “Mavericks” by one person, “crazy” by another, and “Mavericks” and “crazy” by a third. ( allows users to pin as many tags on a page as they want.)

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