Your own url shortener: the way to go?

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An url shortener allows you to create shorter URL’s and (sometimes) keeps track of how many times a link has been clicked. On the other hand, relying on third party services may have quite a few side effects.

According to Jeffrey Zeldman the solution is rolling your own mini-URLs [which]

lessens the chance that your carefully cultivated links will rot if the third-party URL shortening site goes down or goes out of business

If you are running for WordPress there are two solutions available, both in the form of installable plug-ins.

One is the Short URL Plugin which Zeldman recommends.

The other is La Petite Url which, John Gruber notes, includes support for Short URL Auto-Discovery.

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  1. Have you tried any of these 2 ?

    Personally I’ve installed the one reccomended by Zeldman but the options were confusing, at least, and the URL was way too long rispect to a or a one ….

    Commento di kOoLiNuS — 1 October 2009 alle 12:45 pm
  2. Not yet, but my domain name is not that long and sometimes I even edit the post urls so it’s not that much a priority right now.


    Commento di nda — 1 October 2009 alle 2:22 pm

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